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iPhone 4 - Battery Replacement Instructions -

Please read through all the instructions before attempting to replace the battery.
(We recommend professional installation)

Step 1 — Back Cover Removal

  • Remove the two 3.6 mm Pentalobe (or Phillips) screws next to the dock connector. (Using the included pentalobe screwdriver)

Step 2

  • Push the back cover toward the top edge of the iPhone (approx. 2 mm) and lift away from the iPhone

Step 3 — Old Battery Removal

  • Remove the single 2.5 mm Phillips screw securing the battery connector to the logic board. (Using the included Phillips screwdriver)

Step 4

  • Use the prying end of the iTool to carefully pry the battery connector up from the ends closest to the top and bottom edges of the iPhone. Avoid prying against the contact clip.
  • Be very careful and be sure to ONLY pry up the battery connector and NOT the connector attached to the logic board.  Excessive force may damage or break connector on board entirely.
  • Remove the contact clip from the iPhone.

Step 5

  • Use the clear plastic pull tab to gently lift the battery up from the iPhone.
  • If excessive glue is preventing the removal of battery with the pull tab, carefully use the prying end of the iTool to assist with lifting the battery away from the iPhone
  • Remove the battery.

Step 6— New Battery Installation

  • Insert new iPhone 4g Battery from Proaxis and follow the instructions for battery removal in the reverse order
  • Before reconnecting the battery connector, be sure the pressure contact is properly aligned next to the battery connector like it was before you removed it.

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